Tips for Photographing Rabbits

eastern cottontail
Make sure the photo is in focus. Try to capture the animal when it is not moving.

Blurry photos of rabbits usually don't show the distinguishing characteristics than can help us identify which species you might have seen. A clear, in focus photo will give us the best chance of identifying the species.

snowshoe foot
Capture the feet in the photo. Any size reference in the photo near the feet is also helpful.

Snowshoe hare have especially large, furry feet that help them to move atop snow in the winter. New Hampshire's rabbit species have much smaller feet. Capturing this feature in a photograph can help us distinguish between snowshoe hare and out two rabbit species.

Snowshoe hare
Provide a date with the photo.

Make sure the date you identify when submitting the photo is the same date when you took the picture. Snowshoe hare are white part of the year, so having an accurate photograph date can help with identification.

Easter cottontail
Take photos of the head from the front.

This can help us identify the presence of a white spot on the forehead, which is a distinguishing characteristic of eastern cottontail rabbits.